How To Advertise Your Tree Service Business

tree service advertising

Looking for a cost-effective way to generate more business for your tree service company?

It can be a challenge, especially if you’re a small, less established business in a competitive area. Traditional forms of local advertising like newspaper ads and Yellow Page listings don’t work as well as they used to. And it can be frustrating working with lead companies that sell the same person’s contact info to 4 or 5 competing businesses.

But here are some effective, low-cost tree service online marketing strategies that can help build your reputation and bring you more clients.

Directory Listings

An easy way to expand your presence online is to list your tree service business on directories like Yelp, CitySearch, and Better Business Bureau. This will make it easier for people in your area to find your business and contact info. It builds trust and credibility, too.

Keep your information (name, address, phone, services) accurate and up-to-date in each directory. These listings — called “citations” — help boost your rankings in the search results. This helps more people to find you online and pick up the phone.

Here is a list of 50 directories. Unlike the Yellow Pages, it’s free to be included in most of these directories.


If you have a website, you’ll want it to rank on the first page of search results. When someone does a Google search for “tree removal [your city]” or “tree trimming near me”, they usually click on one of the first links they see. That’s why it’s important for pages on your website to be search engine optimized. The key factors for local SEO you should focus on are:

  • Keyword usage: Do you want more tree removal jobs in Daytona Beach? Then your website better contain the words tree removal daytona beach.
  • User engagement: When a visitor comes to your website, do they find it confusing, hard-to-navigate, and full of problems? Help the user easily find answers to their questions. Think about common tree problems your clients have, and provide informative content.


A well-designed website is a critical part of online tree service marketing. You don’t need a professional web design agency to build a fancy website with all the bells and whistles. But having a modern design with good content will give you an edge over your competitors with little or no online presence. Service Leads Now has built dozens of tree service webpages and we find that the following are helpful attracting new customers:

  • Good photos. Instead of generic stock photos, images of you and your crew make your business appear more genuine and trustworthy. Before & After pics work well, too.
  • Accreditation logos: ISA-certified arborists should proudly display their credentials to make people more confident to hire you.
  • Contact Us form: A client may not be able to call you right away. Allow them to leave you a note about their tree service needs so you can call them back.
  • Mobile responsiveness: We’ve seen that about half of visitors to our tree service webpages come via smartphone. Make sure you have a mobile version of your site with a click-to-call phone number. Service Leads Now’s pay-per-call tree service advertising program includes a free mobile-optimized webpage.


On your directory listings and website, a bunch of great reviews and 5 star ratings give your business credibility and strengthen its reputation. Especially when it comes to a large tree removal project, prospective clients will read about the experience of others before making a decision.


Advertise a special offer to new clients. Service Leads Now partners have seen a higher rate of customer phone calls with offers such as:

  • “20% off for new customers”
  • “Free stump grinding with every tree removal job over $500”
  • “Refer a friend and get $100 off”

A small discount to entice a new prospect can pay off in a big way if they become a loyal, lifelong client that refers their friends and neighbors.

Need More Tree Service Work Immediately?

The tree service lead marketing strategies laid out above will pay off in the long term. But there’s only one way to turn on a steady stream of new customer phone calls instantly.

Pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising will put your contact info in front of thousands of people in your area who are actively searching for tree service. An optimized PPC campaign, paired with a quality landing page, can generate phone calls within literally minutes of launch.

We do it for you. Service Leads Now has perfected search engine marketing for tree service. Our Pay Per Call service has helped tree service companies across the country serve more clients and grow their revenue.


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